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I Got my first Belgian Tervueren "ECHO" in 1997 from Sandi Draffin of Beltaurus Belgian Shepherds.  What a place to start Echo is a great dog and picked up things so quick  She was easy to train and after her I was hooked.  Echo is now in retirement with David and Jenny Kent where she keeps every one in line and now considers herself a human in Belgian Clothes.

My next Belgian was a Groenendael by the name of Nz ch Molenaar Misstic Treasure or Inca for short.  I got her from Heather Graham of Molenaar Kennels.  Inca got her NZ title and was retired to a great family Warren and Astrid Taylor sadly Inca was taken from us this year after being found  to have cancer.  Rest in Peace dear Inky we think of you always.

In 1999 I bred my first litter so had to come up with a kennel name.  This took alot of thinking I came up with La Echelon.  After reading about the breed and seeing how the breed was affected by the war it was where I came up with Echelon.  Echelon is a military formation of Soldiers in which each unit is positioned to left and right of rear units to form a step like line.  La Echelon Belgians united in life.

From this first litter I kept my first home bred girl by the name of La Echelon Giz Justa Wspa. Wspa got her title quickly and went on to Obedience where she was a pleasure to work.  She got placed at the National Dog Show two years in a row in different classes which was a real buzz and a highlight. Of course Wspa only produced one litter at La Echelon in which she produced two Nz Champions. She to is now retired and lives with Judy Taylor in Napier.  Judy and Wspa lost a great belgian lover in Ray Taylor and is sadly missed by us here at La Echelon but we know he is now looking after the belgians at rainbow bridge and they could not be in better hands.

In 2001 Echo produced her last litter only having one pup make it and of course she had to stay at La Echelon and was called La Echelon Sheza Unique Turv "Ansa".  She to got her NZ title and moved onto Obedience she did not enjoy Obedience so has just been doing he own thing.  She produced her first litter in 2004 which she produced a Nz and Australian Champion.  Ansa is due to have her last litter in the next few months. We also had two Groenendael girls come to La Echelon in Bellshill Panda-Bear and Bellshill Hold Up the Q thanks to Joanne Allan of Bellhill Kennels

In 2005 a first for La Echelon importing a grey Tervueren by the name of Tervailles Silverson or Silver for short.  And boy what a impact to the Tervueren lines in Nz she has made. Thanks have to go out to Gordon and Karen Anderson of Tervailles Kennels in Australia. Silver has had two litters in Nz and has already produced two Nz Champions.


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