LAECHELON Belgian Shepherds and Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds 

Dachshund Photo Album

Welcome to my Photo Album.
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Vidlynn Mojo (Truly's Dad)
Vidlynn Mojo
Grenada Sock It To Me (Puddles) Trinket's Mum
Vidlynn Diamond Lil (Shania's Sister)
Vidlynn Shozan of the Mist (Truly) The persimmon thief
Vidlynn Hang Ona Image (MUNCA) Owned by Vidlynn Kennels Grouches son
Vidlynn Silva Dancer (TRINKET)
Vidlynn Silva Dancer (TRINKET)
Vidlynn Argo Ember and Vidlynn Silva Dancer doing what they do best sleeping
Vidlynn Argo Ember (TARIQ)
Truly playing at being a handbag dog
Vildlynn Silver Spritzer (SHANIA) Gone but not forgoten.
Nz Ch Vidlynn Tearaway (Tariq's Dad)
Vidlynn Gone South (Ollie) (Trinkets Dad)
Buster (Trinkets brother)
Vidlynn Gone South (Ollie)
Trinkets Family 30/01/10


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