LAECHELON Belgian Shepherds and Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds 

La Echelon Dogs

Welcome to our photo album.
Here is a collection of photos from our album that we hope you enjoy.
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Nz Ch La Echelon Ansa's Aria to Jen E "Aria" Owned by Jenny & David Kent
Aust Ch La Echelon Ansa's-Vamoose with Karen Anderson.
Aust Ch La Echelon Ansa's-Vamoose
"Moose" Owned by Gordon Anderson
La Echelon Lady Asna
"Oche" Owned by Trish & Martin Bush
La Echelon Ruby Gem
"Ruby" Owned by Martin & Trish Bush
La Echelon N-Zed Silva Surfa
"Sterling" Owned by Mike,Sandy & Sarah Godwin
La Echelon Not Justa Lyse
"Alyse" Owned by Julie
La Echelon N-Zed Silva Brei
"Chyee" Owned by Leslie Furnell
Nz Ch La Echelon Kasey Izagoodin
"Kasey" Now at rest with her best mate Ray Taylor. Always in my thoughts miss you both.
Nz Ch La Echelon Giz Justa Wspa
"Wspa" Owned by Judy Taylor.
Nz Ch La Echelon N-Zed Silva Fern
"Bana" Owned by Adrienne Wilson & Janet McCardle
Nz Ch La Echelon N-Zed Silva Tana
"Tana" Owned by Cara & Gerald Appel
La Echelon N-Zed Bakta Terv Ali
"Zed" Owned by Gordon Anderson (Australia)
La Echelon N-Zed Gyga Counter at Bellerouge.
"Gyga" Owned by Adrienne wilson & Janet McCardle
Nz Ch La Echelon Wspa's Kiwi Kaydin
"Kaydin" Owned by David & Jenny Kent
La Echelon Flynn
"Flynn" Owned by Warren & Astrid Taylor.
La Echelon Silva's Sun Dancer
"Dancer" Owned by Sandi Draffin she just won her first Novice obedience last weekend
La Echelon Kiri's Blk Chican
"Chican" Owned by Leslie Furnell
La Echelon N-Zed Inferno
"Kindle" Owned by Fiona Hodgnson. Soon to be agility dog
LaEchelon Myah Rite On Que. (MYAH) Owned by Warren & Astrid Taylor
Nz Ch Laechelon N-Zed Silva Tana (Owned by Gerald and Cara Appel)
Tana with Cara
LaEchelon NV Echoes Ansa
LaEchelon Red Red Rose (ROSE) Owned by Cath Dillon
LaEchelon NV Jamals Ansa (Deaker) Owned by Ruth
LaEchelon Kalista Ansa's Nv
(Koko) Owned by Gary and Jeana
LaEchelon Sherp's Lil Poet (Teghan) Owned by Martin and Trish Bush


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