LAECHELON Belgian Shepherds and Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds 

Litter Plans

Litter Plans 2021


Exciting litters due April 2021






  Nz Ch LaEchelon Winx To Tinka Tayla                               Nz Ch Fluermack Royal Oz (Imp Aust)




Nz Ch LaEchelon Dame Silva Matisse                         Nz Ch Fleurmack Royal Oz (Imp Aust)





Nz Ch LaEchelon Lil Manu Makin Big                                       Nz Ch Fleurmack Royal Oz  (Imp Aust)


This is a very exciting litter. Is Manu's final litter and she lives with my sister so se is so excited about rearing this litter.





















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1340 Lavenham Rd Ormand Gisborne, NZ
Phone : 06 8625707
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