LAECHELON Belgian Shepherds and Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds 

Miniature Long Dachshunds













Vidlynn Argo Ember                                          Vidlynn Shozan of the Mist

I Got my first Dachshund in 2004 his name is Vidlynn Argo Ember better known as Tariq.  What a great dog he is he is a real mummy's boy and a pleasure to have.  I got my next Dachshund in 2007 and she is Vidlynn Silva Spritzer and what a real little honey she was. As a result of a tragic accident in Feb 2008 I lost my wee Shania which was just so gutting I didnt how I would go on.  I can not thank Shona of Vidlynn Kennel enough for letting me have two wonderful dogs.  We have a new member in our family her name is Vidlynn Shozan of the Mist call name "Truly.






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Donna Scragg
Waipaoa, Gisborne, NZ
Phone : 06 8625707
Email : [email protected] or [email protected]

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